Storm Damage Insurance Claims in Houston, TX

In the Houston, TX area, we are no strangers to severe storms like hail, tornadoes and heavy thunderstorms. If you think your yard and car look bad after a bad hail storm, just imagine what the storm could have done to your roof! Not only can we repair storm damage on any residential or commercial roof, but we can also assist you through the insurance claim process! Most insurance companies offer some type of coverage for storm damage. Our pros know this process just as well as we know roofs, making us the best choice for Houston, TX storm damage insurance claims assistance. We also serve the surrounding area including Spring, TX, The Woodlands and beyond! Call us at 832.792.4975 today for help filing your insurance claim and a FREE storm damage inspection!

The Process

storm damage insurance claims Houston, TX

Not Only Are We Here to Restore Your Roofing System, But We Even Assist with Storm Damage Claims in Houston, TX

If you want to make an insurance claim after a storm, call your insurance company to schedule a time for an adjuster to come by. Let the agent know that a roofer will be in touch with them soon. Next, call us with the insurance agent’s information, and together we will come up with a time to meet and look over the storm damage. The benefit of having a qualified roofer on the scene during the storm damage insurance claim inspection is we may notice damage or issues that the adjuster doesn’t. We pay attention to detail to get you the most from your roof damage. Our roofers can fight for you throughout this process to get a fair quote for you from your insurance company for roof repairs.

How Much Damage Do I Need to Qualify?

This depends on your particular coverage. Some insurance plans cover more damage than others. We can still help you through the process if you are not sure your insurance will cover the damage. At the very least, you will have professionals on your side helping you every step of the way.

What Happens Afterward?

After we review the damage with your insurance claim adjuster, you will usually have to wait for a response from the company on how much money they will disperse. After that, you are free to find a roofing contractor to perform your roof repair or replacement. Although our experienced roofers would be happy to do the job, you are under no obligation to choose our company. Instead, you can shop around for the roofer who works best for you!

Houston, TX Roofer You Can Trust

Our company is proud to bring storm damage insurance claims help Houston, TX and the surrounding area! We want to help you navigate the insurance system to get you the money you deserve from your claim. Call us at 832.792.4975 after a severe storm for a FREE storm damage inspection!