Hail Damage Repair Services

hail damage

Our team can quickly identify and repair hail damage to your roof.

Hailstorms are never a cause for excitement. These destructive weather events spread damage wherever they occur, and can break windows, dent cars, harm crops, and inflict serious wear on roofs. In fact, sometimes a hailstorm can damage a roof to an extent that warrants full roof replacement. Catastrophes aside, even minor storms can inflict cosmetic and actual hail damage to a roof.

If you ever worry that a recent storm may have damaged your roof, call the experts at Third Coast Roofing. We’re available at 832.792.4975 to inspect your roof and make the necessary repairs. Our team stands as the area experts on hail damage for Houston, TX and surrounding areas.

Signs of Hail Damage

hail damage

Hail that sticks and melts on your roof cannot create moisture problems.

Many homeowners will dismiss a minor hailstorm as simple unpleasantness. When it comes to your roof, however, these events can inflict measurable damage. As the years pass and more hailstorms occur, this damage accumulates to significant wear on your roof. For more significant hailstorms, the kind that inflict visible damage to your car, for example, you will want to call for an inspection right away. Repairs left undone on a hail-damaged roof can evolve into costly situations.

Any hailstorm has the potential to harm a roof, and certain factors will exacerbate the damage. For example, high winds can increase the speed of impact, so that even small pieces of hail hit hard. The size of hail presents an obvious differential, as does the length of the storm. The age of your roof also matters. Older roofs have generally lost more of their protective granules, and so cannot resist hail as effectively. If you choose to inspect your own roof for signs of hail damage, a few obvious signs can alert you to the need for repairs.

Signs You Have Hail Damage:

  • Random patterns of wear around the roof.
  • Exposure of roofing felt and significant loss of granules.
  • Black spots that indicate impacts on asphalt shingles.
  • Areas that feel soft or infirm.

Contact Us for Help

If you suspect hail damage on your roof, do not delay: call Third Coast Roofing for immediate assistance and repairs. The last thing you want is for hail damage to lead to roof leaks, as a simple roofing repair can turn into issues around your home. For any questions or concerns, call us at 832.792.4975. At Third Coast Roofing, we represent the expert source for repairs of hail damage in Houston, TX.