Residential Roof Repair

Residential Roof Repair

When You Are Having Issues with Your Roof, Call Us for Residential Roof Repair!

Have you been experiencing leaks coming from your ceiling? have your heating and cooling bills gone up? If this is something you are dealing with, call the certified roofers at Third Coast Roofing. We are able to provide our residential customers with affordable and quality residential roof repair in Houston, TX. Whether it’s a small repair or a big repair, we are able to handle it. Call our office at 832.792.4975 in order to get your residential roofing in better shape with our roof repair services.

Signs You Need Roof Repair

When our roofers come out to look at your roof, there are certain things we look for to determine if roof repairs are needed for your residential roof.

  • Gutters: When gutters are full of shingle granules or there are actual pieces of your roof material in the gutters, this is a good indicator that repairs are needed.
  • Roof Material: We will check your roof material, whether its shingles or cedar shake to see if there are any damages. The most typical signs that roof repair is needed is when the roof material is cracked, dented, curling, or buckling.
  • Roof Deck: Looking at the roof deck can tell you whether roof repairs are necessary. When the roof deck is sagging the pitch of the roof will be warped.
  • Attic: We don’t just look at the outside of the roof, we have to go inside the house and see if the source of your issues has started somewhere else. Typically, if you say you have a leak, we will check the attic to see if there are any visible cracks.

We will provide an interior and exterior inspection to find where the problem lies and provide residential roof repair for your Houston, TX home.

Residential Roof Repair You Can Rely On

If you are looking for cost-effective and dependable roof repair for your Houston, TX residential property, get in touch with the roofers at Third Coast Roofing. We provide comprehensive inspections of your roof and come up with a repair plan that will get your roofing system back in great shape. When you need immediate help, we also offer emergency roof repair. Call us at 832.792.4975 to make an appointment now.