Single Ply Roofing Services

Single Ply Roofing

The Single Ply Roofing Systems We Are Able To Install Are EPDM and TPO.

Want a commercial roofing system that is not only durable but is easy to install? At Third Coast Roofing we are able to offer single ply roofing to Houston, TX commercial properties. Single ply roofs are exceptional commercial roofing systems, as they are resistant to UV rays, fire, and wind, and provide you with better energy savings. Not only can we install this type of roofing system, we can also provide repair service if your single ply roof is damaged. Whether you want a thermoset or thermoplastic single ply roof for your business, we are able to help. Call us at 832.792.4975 to set up an appointment with us today.

Single Ply Roofs We Install and Repair

At Third Coast Roofing our roofing contractors are able to install and repair two types of single ply roofs, which are EPDM and TPO. EPDM is a thermoset single ply roof that is made of rubber polymers. What makes this a great choice for your commercial roof is that the installation is very affordable and you are able to have a roof that withstands UV damage, hail damage, and is very flexible.

TPO roofing is a thermoplastic single ply roofing system that is made from plastic and usually has an additional layer to protect it. Not only is this roofing system flexible and resilient, if there is a hail or wind storm, the roof will not puncture or tear. Also, its very resistant to dirt and other debris.

To learn more about single ply roofing for your Houston, TX building, give us a call. We can help you determine what single ply roof is the best fit for you.

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Single ply roofs are able to provide you with the very best protection, as well as last for years to come. For commercial clients who want to install single ply roofing in Houston, TX, call Third Coast Roofing at 832.792.4975. We also offer repair service, so if there are any issues with your EPDM or TPO roof, feel free to set up an appointment for repairs. Get affordable commercial roofing that is incredibly effective by investing in single ply roofing.