Roof Restoration Services

roof restoration

Our restoration services can add upwards of 10 years to the life of your roof.

An impeccable track of quality jobs and customer service has established Third Coast Roofing as the leader for commercial roof restoration in Houston, TX. We pass along the benefits of our expertise to every business owner that contracts our services. A commercial roof provides an indispensable function for your business. If your roof has suffered damage or wear, we can offer customized solutions to fit any situation. We also offer financing so you can get your roof back to great on any budget.

Regardless of your type of business or structure, our commercial roof restoration services will add years to the life of your roof. Don’t throw money away on inferior service. Trust our team with your roof, and we’ll save you the expense and time of total replacement. For all commercial roof restoration needs in Houston, TX, call us at 832.792.4975.

Time for Roof Restoration

roof restoration

You can trust our expert team with all your restoration and repair needs.

Time will take its toll on any type of commercial roof. Severe weather, intense rainfall, the heat of the sun, and even foot traffic will eventually wear down your roof. This damage and wear can appear in many forms, including punctures or tears in the membrane, a loss of reflectivity, or separation at the seams. You may even experience leaks in your structure as a sure sign that your roof has problems. Roof replacement creates a major hassle for your business. Not only must you go through the expense of removal and disposal, you may have to cease operations while the roof gets installed. Add this lost income to the cost of the roof itself, and you’re looking at a major expenditure.

Benefits of Roof Restoration

At Third Coast Roofing, we provide another option. Our roof restoration can solve issues of reflectivity and water pooling, and repair any issues with the membrane itself. Since restoration counts as maintenance, as opposed to a capital expense like replacement, business owners can save money on taxes. You will also extend the life of your roof by 10 to 15 years, prevent against total roof failure, and push back the eventual cost of replacement. As an added bonus, restoration represents the sustainable choice as compared to replacement. Since landfills receive millions of tons of roofing waste, a restoration job serves as an environmentally-friendly choice.

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Third Coast Roofing is the leader for commercial roof restoration in Houston, TX. If you have concerns about yours due to age or a recent storm, call us at 832.792.4975 to set up an inspection. We can assess your need for restoration and, if necessary, provide exceptional service.