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The owner of a commercial building would likely never decide to install a new commercial roof on a whim. In fact, in the absence of a major storm or significant, destructive event, most owners probably don’t even realize when they do need roof replacement.

roof replacement

A flat roof that retains pools of water should become a candidate for replacement.

Though the roof provides a truly indispensable service, it often gets ignored. The consequence of this comes when an aging roof finally fails completely to create an emergency situation.

A few signs, detectable through visual inspection, can reveal whether a commercial structure needs a new roof. Pay attention to these signs, and call Third Coast Roofing at 832.792.4975. We are the experts for commercial roof replacement in Houston, TX and surrounding areas, and can offer financing for most projects.

Signs You Need Roof Replacement

The twenty-five percent rule serves as a useful indicator of the value of your current roof. If 25 percent or more of the roof has become damaged, you should probably opt for roof replacement.

roof replacement

Our expert team can install replacement roofs that stand the test of time.

At that point, the costs of repair can actually meet or exceed the expense of a new roof. Repaired areas also never perform quite as well as original, and become magnets for additional repairs in the future.

Any bubbles or blisters can serve as a sign that your roof is in bad repair. If they appear in number, then your roof has trapped a significant amount of moisture. The bubbles or blisters indicate areas where the roof itself has begun to decay.

Frequent leaks inside of your structure also showcase a roof that has reached the end of its usefulness. The occasional leak is normal and can get repaired, The danger of frequent leaks, however, comes from damage inflicted around your building.

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To prevent the entrance of water serves as a roof’s primary job. If the roof fails at this, then it needs replacement. Frequent or long-standing pools of water on a flat roof can indicate foundational problems with the roof’s structure. In certain cases of this, a replacement roof will serve as the best answer.


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Third Coast Roofing will gladly perform inspections of your roof or review your roofing records to determine the need for roof replacement. We exist to serve our clients, and understand that a new commercial roof represents a significant expense. To get the most from your investment, go with the premier team for roof replacement in Houston, TX: Third Coast Roofing. For any questions or to schedule service, give us a call at 832.792.4975.