Flat Roofing Repair

Most commercial buildings (and even some homes) have some type of flat or low-slope roof. These types of roofs tend to hold up extremely well against age and weather. A plus for business owners, Houston, TX flat roofs can last 20 years or more with proper maintenance and installation.

Flat Roofing

Get the Full Life of Your Flat Roof in Houston, TX with Proper Installation and Maintenance from Our Experts

We install and repair TPO and modified bitumen flat roofs in the local areaIf you need a flat roof repair or replacement, you can always call our roofing pros at 832.792.4975! Third Coast Roofing is the best local flat and commercial roofer.


One major pitfall of most flat roofs is they don’t always drain rainwater correctly. These types of roofs do have slight slopes and gutter systems, but if these systems don’t work, it causes water pooling. These pools of water eventually penetrate deep in the roof and can cause leaks in the interior of the building.

Another cause for flat roof repair is storm damage. Hail can tear holes in Houston, TX flat roofs and leave them vulnerable to the elements. It is always best to get an inspection after a severe storm to catch any damage before it worsens. Luckily, we offer storm damage inspections for free to anyone in our service area who wants peace of mind following a storm.

Whether the problem is a faulty gutter system, a storm or general wear and tear, you can trust our roofing contractors in Houston, TX to take care of the repair fast with our affordable services!


Our company is proud to offer flat roof installations or replacements in addition to repairs. Whether you have a brand-new building or your current building’s roof is past its prime, we can install a new one. Our roofing contractors know many different installation methods for flat roofs as well as materials — and our experts can recommend those that fit your needs and budget.

We can install or replace flat roofs that last for decades. As for the material, that is up to the type of building and your particular needs! Call us at 832.792.4975 for a flat roof service from a qualified professional in Houston, TX!